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What Our Students Say

The Escola de Restauração de Veículos developed courses focusing on the professional future of our students. Here are some testimonials:

José Américo, Student
"I found the course sensational. It is a course that explains a lot and you still have the opportunity to improve the parts you like the most, such as carburetor, electrics, tapestry, etc. The teachers are wonderful and the infrastructure is nice. I recommend it."

Lucas Miranda, Trainer
"The course gave me a lot. He opened a fan. Today I want to be a mechanic and restore classic car engines"
Newton Rossetto, Auditor
"I finished the basic welding course yesterday. I want to congratulate Teacher Wagner and Rafael for the excellent practical content and ability to convey their knowledge, I was very pleased."
Cleiber Melfa, Restoration Entrepreneur
"I made the registration, moved to the city, I got a work close to the school (indicated by them) and it was 90 days of pure learning and relationship with people who really know and know what they teach. My workshop today, after the course, working at a fixed address and with the name I always dreamed of, "Carcaça Recuperações". I am grateful to all the teachers and collaborators, even in relation to work, they helped me in the entire period of the course. So, it was my satisfaction that I got 100% presence. I'm going to start doing weekend courses again, for sure."
Carlos Mikio, Businessman
"Hello friends of the Club. It was my first contact with the course offered by the Clube do Carro Antigo. It was very instructive. I learned details of the classic car enthusiasts, colleagues also tell how their experiences are and this leaves the course and its teachings as a unique thing. I hug you all and see you next time."
André Mosquito, Businessman
"I did the introduction course and it was really cool. I intend to do the other modules too, because for us, who are in the middle of classic car enthusiasts, it is an opportunity to understand how everything works."
Thiago Sanches, Doctor
"As everyone in the Club I am an old car enthusiast and I felt the need to learn how to maintain my cars. This became a reality with lessons that broadened my view on this subject. I recommend it."
Haroldo Andrade, Fundraiser
"The course was really cool. I came to have a different perception about the restoration of classic vehicles, I began to observe with more attention the details of this profession. I was really pleased!"
Luis Clemente, Systems Analyst
"We have a shortage of courses in this segment in Brazil and the Clube do Carro Antigo has identified this. From the course my view on the classic cars only improved, today I can appreciate much more cars than before to know the course. I lost my fear and gained self-confidence to maintain the classic car that I acquired after starting the course."
Eduardo Sérgio, Banker
"I took the course of Introduction to Restoration and indicated to all who enjoy classic car enthusiasts. The classes conveyed very useful knowledge, increased the passion for classic car, shared many stories and information and we also established a network of contacts that will be important in the medium term."
Michel Lopes, Consultant
"Very good course for anyone who wants to work in the Restoration area or just acquire knowledge to enjoy their own classic car. We make friends and also contacts for future business. In addition to social work that includes low-income youth in classes and job placement for them."
Túlio Paseli, Modeler
"Through the course I had a great idea of how to restore a classic vehicle. In addition to restoration, the course encompasses other important areas: such as the classic car market, auto history, collector’s plate and more!"
Eduardo Mizuno, Engineer
"I took the Course together with my daughter, and in addition to having closer contact with her, I had the opportunity to relate to several people in the field, not to mention that the course added new knowledge."

Ricardo Potye
, Salesman
"With each module, with each course you do, you feel like doing more. It is worth it."

Paulo Bastos

"Although it is introductory, the course is very complete and the teachers are excellent. I recommend to everyone who has a classic car, intend to have or have an interest in this area."

Jaime Correia, Telecommunications Analyst
"The teachers have very good didactic and a fantastic knowledge of the subject. As soon as possible, I intend to go back and take other courses."

Ohlsen Carvalho, Government Employee
"The class was excellent; the reception was great and the learning and friendship were all positive."

Bruna Frazão, Advertiser
"The course helped me a lot, gave me a lot of self-confidence, every step, conveyed all processes and helped me find an area that I wanted"

Erik Von Eye, Lawyer
"I think that this initiative of the club is very important, so that we can keep our hobby alive, since today the skilled workman is increasingly difficult."
Our Courses, Lectures & Workshops
Towards Vocational Training, Education and Culture in Classic Vehicles

Full Professional Formation Course that covers all areas of Restoration. Made in Modules that can be carried out in any order and time.
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Free Courses are Compact Training in Specific Subjects and without Prerequisite. Lectures and Workshops aims to Bring Information and Culture to Professionals and Enthusiast of Classic Vehicles.
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Our Units

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SP I São Paulo I Jabaquara
Unit 1 : Leonardo da Vinci
SP I São Paulo I Ipiranga
Unit 2 : South Zone Pole
UTI Classic Car

SP I São Paulo I Vila Maria
Unidade 3 : North Zone Pole
1199 Custom Cars
SP I São Paulo I Moóca
Unidade 4 : East Zone Pole
Moóca Premium

SP I São Paulo I Lapa
Unidade 5 : West Zone Pole
Fupi Restaurações


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