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Professional Formation

The Professional Training Course of Our School, pioneer in Brazil, offers basic theoretical training in the area of Restoration of Classic Vehicles to the practical professional training, in a Workshop, in all areas of the profession of Restoration of Classic Vehicles.

The Restoration of Classic Vehicles Course promotes comprehensive theoretical knowledge and immersion in "Classic Car Enthusiasts". It has a technical approach and contemplates all the modalities of the Restoration of Classic Vehicles, with the purpose of providing to the participant with an adequate basis for their entry into practical activities. Unlike the Automobile Repairer, it is essential, to the professional Restorer, the knowledge of all stages of Restoration.

The Restoration Course is NOT a Pre-Requisite for the Mechanics, Body-shop, Painting, Electrical, Tapestry and Woodwork Modules, but it provides participants with a better use of these modules and a systemic view of the Restoration and the Classic Vehicle Market.

The Workshop Modules are independent and can be attended separately in the order that the participant deems appropriate. Each module has an hour load and a specific value.

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15 Modules: Estimated duration of 3 to 4 years

Our Units

Attention: Visits only with prior appointment
SP I São Paulo I Jabaquara
Unit 1 : Leonardo da Vinci
SP I São Paulo I Ipiranga
Unit 2 : South Zone Pole
UTI Classic Car

SP I São Paulo I Vila Maria
Unidade 3 : North Zone Pole
1199 Custom Cars
SP I São Paulo I Moóca
Unidade 4 : East Zone Pole
Moóca Premium

SP I São Paulo I Lapa
Unidade 5 : West Zone Pole
Fupi Restaurações

Job Market

The Restoration of Classic Vehicles' market has been evolving exponentially in recent years. The quantity and quality of manpower has not accompanied this growth. The need for professionals with technical training is notorious and the career of Restorer of Classic Vehicles tends to be more and more promising.

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The Escola de Restauração de Veículos developed courses focusing on the professional future of our students. Here are some testimonials:
Bruna FrazãoErik Von EyeJaime CorreiaOhlsen CarvalhoMichel Lopes
Thiago SanchesAndréLuis ClementeTulio PaseliLuis Clemente

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We are in love with Classic Vehicles. Our greatest pleasure is to participate in the fulfillment of the dreams of Our Students.

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Interest in Classic Vehicle has no age, gender, religion, or social class. It is never too soon or too late to reach professional achievement.

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